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About Us

Operating since 1971, China Minzhong Food Corporation Limited (“China Minzhong”) is one of the few companies in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) that possesses both processing capabilities as well as its own cultivation bases. Headquartered in Putian City, Fujian Province, PRC, China Minzhong has a diversifid and complementary product portfolio and is recognised for its product quality and reliability. China Minzhong’s portfolio comprises three key business divisions, namely the Processed, Cultivation and Branded business segments.

Through its decades of experience, China Minzhong has developed an integrated demand-driven operation with wide-ranging cultivation and processing capabilities. China Minzhong manages and plans its cultivation and processing schedules based on advanced sales orders received from its customers. This demand-driven cultivation and production approach not only allows China Minzhong to meet its customers’ requirements and market demand, it also enables the Group to achieve high productive effiency by ensuring a stable supply of products and establishing better control over costs. This demand-driven integrated business model diffrentiates China Minzhong from its peers and has helped the Group develop long-term relationships with many of its key customers. The Group also produces its own branded beverages (such as loquat tea and loquat juice) under the flgship brand name of “Zhentian (真田)”, which are currently sold domestically in PRC.

The Group’s strategically located and geographically diversifid cultivation bases in the PRC, as well as its network of suppliers of fresh and semi-processed vegetables throughout the country, enables the Group to employ a seasonally complementary approach to cultivation and leverage on favourable climatic conditions to secure fresh vegetables produce for its processing needs throughout the year. China Minzhong has an extensive processing platform that encompasses processing methods such as air-drying, freeze-drying, fresh-packing and brining, which allows the Group to Officer various types of processed vegetables to its PRC and global customers.

China Minzhong has received numerous international and domestic awards as well as certifiations for its quality management system and food safety standards. In 2013, China Minzhong is on Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion List. China Minzhong has also been named a “National Leading Dragon Head Enterprise” by the PRC Government since December 2002 in recognition of its status as a leading agricultural enterprise.

The Group is well poised for further growth and success under the helm of a group of experienced industry veterans. In particular, our CEO and Executive Director Mr Lin Guo Rong, Chief Operations Officer Mr Wang Da Zhang and Chief Technology Officer Mr Huang Bing Hui have been working together for more than 40 years in our Group and its predecessors and have vast experience in the vegetables cultivation and processing industry.

In 2013, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk became a majority shareholder of China Minzhong, laying the foundations for strategic business collaborations between the two companies.